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  • Song Review – Miranda Lambert’s “It All Comes Out in the Wash”

    "It All Comes Out in the Wash" is lighthearted and playful, and country and folksy in its mannerisms, if not entirely in its music. Literally built out from a colloquialism by the Love Junkies (Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, and Hillary Lindsey) with an assist from Lambert herself, it calls back to the more classic style of Miranda, with sass and attitude. […]

  • This Blanco Brown & “The Git Up” Business

    None of this is real ladies and gentlemen. From the fake controversies, to the gaming of the meme culture and social media to make 30-second snippets somehow compete with actual songs on charts, to the paying for streams to create false positives on breakout hits, the malfeasance in the monogenre space with country music as the heel... […]

  • At 72, Ray Wylie Hubbard Makes His Grand Ole Opry Debut

    There are few moments that are more significant in the lives and careers of country and roots musicians than making their debut appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. Often it's artists in their 20s and 30s who are the ones who get that special opportunity, but at 72, Ray Wylie Hubbard finally got his turn. […]

  • Yes, George Strait Is Receiving a Songwriter Award. And He Deserves It

    You won't find many country music fans who have a discouraging word to share about "King" George Strait. But the one point of contention some have brought up in rebuttal of Strait's greatness over the years has been that he doesn't write his own songs. This opinion deserves a little context of course. […]

  • Album Review – Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, “Beautiful Lie”

    How hard could songwriting really be? You learned a few chords on the guitar in college, and if you had some more free time you could probably gnaw on rhyming a few lines of verse ... or so you tell yourself. Then you hear an album like 'Beautiful Lie' from the First Couple of Texas Country, and it's so enriching, you're immediately demoralized. […]

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