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Saturday, 03 July 1954

Even Tho - Webb Pierce

Saturday, 03 July 1982

Any Day Now - Ronnie Milsap

Saturday, 03 July 1993

That Summer - Garth Brooks

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Saturday, 03 July 1954

johnny-cash-08 Johnny Cash is discharged from the U.S. Air Force at Fort Kilmer, New Jersey RolandNote

Friday, 03 July 1970

johnny-cash-08 Johnny Cash refuses to do a bedroom scene in the movie "A Gunfight" when actress Karen Black, who portrays a prostitute, is expected to be nude. Cash wins: she wears clothes RolandNote

Friday, 03 July 1981

george-jones sm George Jones disappears from a hospital in Beaumont, Texas, where he'd checked in with exhaustion. Friends are unable to locate him for days RolandNote

Thursday, 03 July 1997

haggard Merle Haggard has a 15-minute procedure in a Redding, California, hospital to fix a clogged artery RolandNote

Thursday, 03 July 2003

Mickey Gilley Mickey Gilley's appendix bursts as he boards a plane in Branson, Missouri. He's hospitalized for four days RolandNote

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  1. Johnny Lee (1946)
    Johnny Lee  (1946)
  2. Aaron Tippin (1958)
    Aaron Tippin  (1958)

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Eight members of Reba McEntire's road band perished in a plane crash on March 16, 1991. Her next album, For My Broken Heart, was dedicated to the victims, and contains many songs about loss and heartbreak.

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ICountryMemorie Error - we incorrectly gave the wrong year for Lorrie Morgan's birthday on June 26 as 1924 instead of 1959. Our apologies to Lorrie.
ICountryMemorie Number One song 40 years ago today - Mickey Gilley - Room Full Of Roses
ICountryMemorie Number One song 33 years ago today - Anne Murray - Blessed Are The Believers
ICountryMemorie Born this day - Elton Britt (1913) , Lloyd George ([Lonzo #1] Lonzo & Oscar) (1924), Rosalie Allen (1924), Lorrie Morgan (1924)
ICountryMemorie Born This Day - June Carter Cash (1929), Diana Trask (1940), Pake McEntire (1953)

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